Wedding videography preserves the wedding day for the couple to remember for the remainder of their life. According to the Film Jar (2017), videography is the perfect investment to maintain the events, memories, and each detail that couples have spent money on for their wedding day. Videography maintains the sound of the wedding day, which includes the sound of music, vows, toasts, poetry readings, prayer, etc…. Videography allows couples to hear simple sounds such as their spouse’s sigh of relief or gasp for air. Additionally, wedding videography is chosen because it allows the couple to experience moments that they were not able to observe. Videography also allows couples to see their first dance and to view their parents’ and friends’ tears.

The top five reasons that couples chose videographers, according to the Wedding Wire (2018) are the following:

1). To capture movement and sound: The video will capture the words shared by the best man during the toast or the sound of the music played during the bride and father’s dance. The video will capture the bride and groom sharing their vows. The video will also capture bloopers.
2). Emotional Factors: Videographers are able to capture intense, undisguised footage that would have been missed by the bride and groom.

3). Video captures everything. Video will capture the attendees arriving, the flower girl, and ring bearer walking down the aisle.
4). Videographers are able to easily share the video. Videos can be shared via YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or Instagram.
5). The video can be watched numerous times. A video can be viewed repeatedly on DVD or via YouTube/social media.

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