Which Wedding Gown Style Is Right For You?

Which Wedding Gown Style Is Right For You?

There are so many different styles of wedding gowns to choose from. Finding the perfect style to flatter your silhouette can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. A bride wants to look beautiful and flattering in every way on her wedding day. It’s important to know what styles will fit your body type the best so that you can feel comfortable and confident on your big day.

Before you head to the bridal shop to start trying on dresses, you need to have an idea of what you’re looking for. Keep reading so that you will understand the differences between the styles of wedding dresses you will be shopping for. This will give you a sense of which styles might be right for you. We hope it helps when making your dressing room selections.

A-Line- The A-line gown is named rightfully so because it takes the shape of an ‘A’. It is one of the most common and classic style of wedding gowns you will see. The main reason for its popularity is its all around versatility. This style suits just about any figure. This style has a fitted bodice and then flows all the way to the ground. The skirt makes it easy to hide any areas of the lower body you may not be so fond of, yet can also create the illusion of curves on a more slender body type. The A-line gown is a classic choice that is sure not to disappoint.

Mermaid- The mermaid style gown is a body contouring masterpiece. The contour starts at the chest and goes down to the knee or below, before flaring out at the hem. This style of dress requires confidence, as it will accentuate every curve and is extremely fitted. This dress works well for any height and is wildly popular amongst those with a very slender frame. However, no matter your size, if you have curves you want to show off, then this is the dress for you!

Sheath- The sheath style gown is a good option for brides with a more petite or slender figure, but that boast some natural curves. You cannot hide much with this dress, as it fits very closely to the body and flows with your natural curves. If you’re looking for simplicity, this dress is one of the most simple styles out there. Simple & subtle, yet beautiful & flowy.

Ballgown- When you imagine that moment in every classic fairy tale when a princess enters the royal ball and everyone stops to stare… she is most likely wearing the traditional ballgown style dress. There is one word that can adequately describe this dress: Drama! The skirt on this gown is the fullest. It is so full, in fact, that you must be careful to consider your height when selecting this style. It has been known to create unwanted illusions on those with a shorter frame. The bodice is fitted and is great for those with a larger bust, as it will really give you that desired hourglass shape. This choice is a show-stopper for sure.

Trumpet- This style is similar to that of the mermaid style gown, however it is a lot less fitted and flares from higher up, just below the hips. This look gives you the best of both worlds because you have a fitted bodice and then starting below your hips, the dress flares out into a big, beautiful skirt. They call it a semi-full skirt and is given the name “trumpet” because the dress resembles the shape of the bell of a trumpet. It’s a gorgeous and more unique option that anyone who’s looking to show off their curves, but still love that princess poofy skirt at the same time.

Empire– The empire style has a unique waistline. Unlike most other fitted bodices, this style has a raised waistline that sits right below the bust and then flows down all the way to the hem. It’s easy to hide any flaws in the belly and hip areas. This is a perfect choice for any body type. The empire is a more popular style amongst brides with a smaller bust because of the detail in the neckline and being so high-set. It has a very timeless look. This is such a wonderful option for most brides.

Now that you’ve been informed on your shopping endeavor of a lifetime, we hope the process is a bit less overwhelming and you feel better prepared to begin trying on those beautiful gowns for your big day. Remember, the most important thing about the dress you choose is that you have to feel comfortable and confident in it. If you don’t love the way you look in it, move on to the next!

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