How do you reserve my date?

We ask for a $600 retainer and a signed contract. We meet with you and your fiance to discuss the details and answer any questions about your day or what we will be providing to you via our services.

Do you record us the whole day?

When we discuss your day and what you have planned, we design our production time to be focused on what is important to you. Depending on what is happening we can adjust our team accordingly. Contact us for details on how we can prepare for your day.

How do you record audio?

At the ceremony, we put a small mic on the groom. Don’t worry it will be nicely hidden. Which will pick up both groom and bride. We also, put a mic on the officiant for a backup.

At the reception, we plug a mic directly into the DJ’s System.

Do you work with photographers?

We work well with photographers and any other vendor you may have. We are 100% professional and will ensure that both the photographer and Fritzler Films gets all the footage necessary to provide you with memories of your once in a lifetime experience.

What is your turn around time?

Our turn around time is usually 4-6 weeks. Depending on how many weddings we do our workload can change, we want to do a great job and we appreciate the patience in telling your story.

Want to meet us

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