Tips on writing your own vows

As you stand with the one you love on your wedding day, the feelings can be overwhelming. take a moment to breathe it all in. Be present, forget the stress, and allow yourself to imagine that it’s just the two of you.

The vows, are the most important part of the big day.

One way to really connect with your partner on your wedding day, is to write your own vows. This can take things from mundane, to personal.

When preparing your vows…

Start early… any time you think of something you love about your significant other, or a way they make you feel special, jot it down.

Read other people’s vows online for inspiration!

Talk with your fiancé about the tone and direction of your vows—this doesn’t mean you have to tell them what you’re going to say, but you can if that’s something the two of you agree on—

Just be sure that you’re on the same page. Will the vows be funny? Romantic? Poetic? Raw? Traditional? Many couples opt to keep them somewhat traditional, just adding a personal flare at the end.

To help get your inspiration flowing–

List their top 3 qualities… and why those are their top qualities to you!

Take a look at the traditional vows (that pertain to your religion) and use them as a basis.

What are the main promises that you want to make? Brainstorm.

Also keep in mind…

This moment is just for the two of you…

Try to be original and avoid clichés.

Practice saying your vows out loud—as you drive in your car or get ready for work in the morning, in front of the mirror– whenever you have time, practice!

Aim to keep your vows under 2 minutes—that means that you will have to weed through and pick the most important things to say!

There’s also nothing wrong with just going with your feelings if you get nervous.

Most importantly, look your love in the eyes and let him or her know, just what they mean to you…for better or worse.

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