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In 2009, Jonathan saw a need for high-quality video for wedding Films and created Fritzler Wedding Films. With the positive reviews and feedback he received from couples, family, and friends, he decided to pursue an opportunity to help couples capture those magical moments in motion when so many people don’t find them through photography alone.

Jonathan knew it was important to do more than just capture the day for the couples. So, he created the Moment list, which let’s couples tell Fritzler Films what Moments matter the most to them. The Moments that matter to you is what makes your story yours!

Throughout his career, he has developed the skills and experience to create incredible work even under pressure. This is why creating a Same-day-edit for your special day is no problem for him.


Melissa graduated with her BS in Business Management and one day Jonathan came up to her and said we have a wedding to shoot. He hands her a camera and that’s what began her career in telling wedding couple’s stories. What Jonathan didn’t realize is Melissa got to do her two favorite things: work with him and boss him around!

While she never imagined that she would be collaborating with Jonathan on work, she found she was gifted at it, allowing her creative side to bloom. Her primary responsibilities involve production and administration, as well as ensuring clients’ voices are heard.

Melissa realized there was more to it than simply capturing a wedding or event. Helping couples see their love in action is something that doesn’t just happen. To help people see who they really are, and what they know to be true, you have to help them see who they really are.

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