a different approach for your wedding

There’s your wedding, and then there’s you.

Every couple we help wants an awesome film that shares their story. Yet, there’s more to the story than capturing an awesome shot of that dress or the custom cake and incredible reception waiting for you after you say I do.

That’s why we take a holistic view of your story. Think about it, when you watch a love story, you see two people growing together.

That’s what we want for you!

1) We’ll listen to your story

We want to hear what makes your relationship fun and different, your up’s and downs and moments of laughter. What makes your relationship significant?

Lindsey + Zach SDE

2) Capture your moments

From the dress to the cake and every handpicked detail. Moments that mean something unique to you are what we’re after. We even have a moment list to discover the moments that mater to you.

Tylyn + Logan

3) Focus on your passion

The passion and the story of two people is more than little moments and seized opportunities. There’s a fire and we want to help it grow.

4) Share your meaning

Every couple has that moment that means something. It’s almost like one day you just knew. Sharing the meaning of who you are and what your building is what makes your story special.


Designed to show you the story you need for the love you want. We take a holistic view of your story so you can see the love you have in action.

Created with your:

  • Values
  • Emotion
  • Beliefs


You can’t see yourself in history, however we can help you see each other so you can see why you matter. When you see that you matter, you’ll know you do.

Designed to:

  • Show your love in action
  • Bring you closer together
  • Find and grow your love


It’s your story, we’ll help you tell it, show it and share it. The significance you have for each other is what brought you together. Your story continues with who you are and where your going.

Showing you:

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Love

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