How To Guide for DIY Wedding Bouquets & Arrangements

When you picture your dream wedding, you may envision flowers everywhere! Or maybe just a beautiful bouquet to carry down the aisle and some simple center pieces at the reception. Many people may stress about this part of the wedding planning. Yes, you can be charged an arm and a leg at the florist… but you don’t have to. Flowers can be expensive, but if you choose the right flowers based on season and you eliminate the labor costs by arranging the flowers yourself you can save yourself quite a few bucks. It’s really not as hard as people think. Just follow these tips and simple steps to create your own beautiful bouquet and flower arrangements.

First, you’ll need to decide on what type of flowers you want to buy. This is where you’ll need to do some research. Certain flowers are cheaper when they’re in season and this can vary greatly. Do some research and shop around. (Check out our blog to see what flowers in season Here) Depending on what deals you can find, it may be a smart idea to purchase from multiple vendors. You can shop local grocery stores or wholesale clubs, local florist, or online vendors. Be prepared before you start to shop! You’ll need to know your budget and a good estimate of the quantity of each flower needed.

Once you’ve chosen which flowers you’d like to use in each arrangement, it’s time to start planning your supply list. Here are some things you will need in order to create an absolutely gorgeous DIY bouquet.

– Flowers

– Flower shears

– Bouquet pins

– Floral tape

– Ribbon/wrapping

Once you’ve got your flowers and supplies all laid out, it’s time to get to work! You can do this! Here are 3 easy steps to follow.

  1. Prep your flowers by removing all foliage and thorns. Then cut all the stems to the same length.
  2. Begin building your bouquet! Start by taking anywhere from two to five flowers to use in the center to begin your bouquet. Wrap those stems together       with floral tape, being sure to leave less than 5 inches (max) of the stem visible at the bottom and less than 2 inches of stem visible at the top. Continue to add more flowers outwards around the center ones. With every couple of flowers you add, keep using the floral tape as you go  to keep them bunched tightly together.
  3. Cover the floral tape by wrapping with the ribbon of your choice. Secure the ribbon with bouquet pins horizontally. Once all the floral tape is covered, you have just completed your very own DIY bouquet! And I bet it looks professional and beautiful!

There are other wedding flower arrangements you can create yourself as well such as:

– Centerpieces: The possibilities are endless. An easy and creative idea is choosing succulents and spray painting them for a pop of color or sparkle.

– Alter/aisle/chair decor: Secure your flowers to ribbon using floral tape and pins and hang them in multiple places for a pop of  beautiful  floral decor.

– Boutonnières: Same principals for DIY bouquets apply here, but on a much smaller scale and using smaller cut strips of floral tape and pins

– Flower confetti: Cut up flower petals to sprinkle anywhere & everywhere!

Floral creations for your wedding aren’t as difficult to assemble yourself as you probably initially thought. It doesn’t have to be all that time consuming either. If you have a loving friend or family member to help you out, you could finish this task in an afternoon. Not only can you save on the expense of labor from a florist, but you can also add your own personal love and touches for the wedding of your dreams.

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