Unique Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating the anniversary of the day you said I do to your love, only comes around once a year…

That’s why it’s important to make the most out of it. It should be a special occasion, whether it is your first year of marriage or your fortieth!

Couples sometimes find that it can be hard to come up with fresh ideas when it comes to gift giving though. We fall into a pattern of giving the same ole gifts, year after year. A dinner out, some flowers or jewelry, a watch, tools… Although these gifts are given with good intentions, they are predictable.

Why not spice things up with a unique gift or outing?

Today, we have several options for you to consider when trying to figure out what to give or do for your anniversary… be sure to put your own spin on these ideas and make them your own!

For Her:

A Treasure Hunt: Who says she’s ever too old or too mature to enjoy a treasure hunt? Especially when the hunt includes some of your lady’s favorite things. A treasure hunt can transform the mundane act of giving—into an adventure! First, pick a place that is special to the both of you—if the weather isn’t ideal, an indoor treasure hunt in an unconventional place, can be TONS of fun too and even add extra excitement! Start a few weeks before the anniversary and collect items that she loves. They don’t have to be expensive, just meaningful; her favorite candle or perfume, a lip gloss, a picture of the two of you. The day before your anniversary, figure out where you will hide the items and make her a treasure map, or some sort of clue key she can use to find the goodies! Playing the age-old game of “You’re getting warmer, nope, now cold!” can be an especially fun way to spice things up too. At the end of the treasure hunt, be sure to look her in the eye, lay a wet one on her lips and remind her of just how much she means to you.

A Getaway: Ever want to do something special, but you just don’t have the resources, time or money to make it happen in the here and now? Many couples face this. One romantic and unique way to celebrate the milestone of another year of marriage, is to start planning the vacation of her dreams, complete with an itinerary. Open a savings account and even if you only have $20 to put in it to go towards the getaway fund, do it! Start several months before the anniversary and keep adding money when you can. Next, buy a traveler’s notebook. In it, write down all that you want to do with her. Include things that you will both enjoy…Cut pictures out of magazines, jot down your ideas, dreams, and other goals you have for your marriage on the back cover. When your anniversary day comes, wrap the notebook, along with the savings account information and give it as a gift. This gives the two of you something to plan together and look forward to—this gift totally says—I love you and I’m always thinking of you.

Custom Pallet Photo- Women love pictures. Especially pictures with the two of you in them! Give her a gift that will never expire with one of her fav photos on a pallet.

A Love Prompt Journal- This unique notepad will give the two of you a chance to spark the lovey feelings, every day! Not only is it unique, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving

A Scrap Book and Scrapbooking Supplies- This gift is the perfect gift for any wife who likes to get crafty and loves to take photos! To really make it meaningful, print out some pictures of the two of you and your family to help her get started. Don’t forget to buy some fun stickers, stamps and a good pair of scissors!

For Him

A Golf Membership or Season Passes- Men aren’t complicated creatures and don’t necessarily crave romance quite the way women do. Buy him some sports gear, a membership to his favorite golf course, or season passes to the local hockey, football, or baseball games and you’re sure to be the coolest wife there’s ever been to him and all of his buddies.

A Personalized Fishing Rod and Reel- If your man likes to fish, this is the perfect gift! Have your names and anniversary date and the current year engraved into a nice shiny new rod or reel (or both) and gift it to him for your anniversary, or you could also opt to engrave a fun or sweet saying, and have it signed with your name.

Lingerie- Yes, you read that right. Lingerie. For you—to wear for him. Wrap up something sexy and tie a bow around it. On your anniversary night (or in the morning before he leaves for work) give him the gift to unwrap. What a way to celebrate!

IOU’s- Buy some fancy stationary paper and some fun pens and make him some IOU cards. Be sure to include an expiration date (if there is one) and be creative! Some fun ideas are IOU a massage, your favorite meal, ME, a night off with the boys, a beer run, one free back scratch, a get out of jail free card. The possibilities are endless!

A Personalized Beer Mug and a 6 Pack of His Favorite- or if he isn’t one to drink beer, a coffee mug and his preferred flavor java! Be sure to have the cup personalized with a saying, pet name, or something fun he will appreciate.

Anniversary gifts don’t have to be expensive. The key is to put thought into it!

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