Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Wedding anniversaries are such a lovely celebration. Marriage can be tough, so every year is a milestone and an accomplishment- an accomplishment definitely worth celebrating. There are some people who like to make it a tradition to do the same thing every year. But others like to switch it up and find new ways every year to celebrate. Some people choose to be traditional and romantic, while others like to be spontaneous and adventurous. Do you and your spouse like to plan your wedding anniversary celebrations together or take turns surprising each other? Either way, if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for planning the occasion… you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of great wedding anniversary ideas. Check them out!


  • Try something new! Try a crazy, brand new experience together. Choose something that will thrill you both and get you out of your comfort zones. You could go on a hot air balloon ride, go skydiving together, or even sing a duet at a karaoke bar!
  • Recreate a special meal. Is there a certain dinner you’ve shared with a nice memory attached? If so, recreate that meal whether it’s going to a certain place to get it or by cooking together.
anniversary on beach
  • Thoughtful gifts. Everyone loves gifts, but the best kinds of gifts are the ones that are well thought out and that have special meaning behind them. Thoughtful gifts are the most cherished kind. They show your spouse how much you care.
  • Reenact your first date! This can be a fun one. Do you remember the details of your first date? Maybe it’s a funny story, or maybe it was super romantic. Either way, reenacting the memories you shared on your first date is a fun way to celebrate how far you’ve come as a couple.
  • .. spend time together watching your wedding video and looking through the photos from your wedding day and honeymoon. Pulling out the albums this time every year is a great way to rekindle all the feelings from the happiest day of your lives together.
  • Take new couples photos. You can have your own personal photo shoot and have fun with it! Or you could have some professional photographs taken. An added touch would be having the photos taken in a special location that is meaningful to you.
  • Plan a get-a-way! Get out of town together! Whether it be just for the night, the weekend, or maybe longer. You could make it a tradition to visit the same spot every year or visit a new place every year. If you like to travel, it’s a great occasion to see more places!
  • Outdoor activities! If you and your spouse enjoy the great outdoors, then this one is for you. Go on a picnic, a hike, or any other outdoor adventure together. Love is in the air!
  • Take a lazy day. Maybe the two of you don’t get a whole lot of downtime at home together. Take a day off. Make breakfasts together and eat it in bed. Simply relax all day long doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company.
  • Write a love letter. Surprise your spouse with a hand-written love letter. Use words to share your feelings and express your love and appreciation for your spouse.
  • Visit the spa! Couples’ massages are a great way to unwind and relax together. Can’t make it to a spa? That’s okay- you can easily have an amazing spa date from home. Light some candles, take a bubble bath, give each other a massage… it’s sure to be a romantic evening.
  • Vow renewal! Celebrating a special number of years? This is a great opportunity to celebrate your milestone anniversary by renewing your vows! What a beautiful and special way to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

There are so many different ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. You can celebrate by spending a lot, a little, or none at all. The most important thing is spending quality time together. Spend this time focused on each other, your memories made throughout your marriage, and your love for one another. Cheers!

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