Many women spend ample amounts of time dreaming of her big day. From browsing Pinterest, reading magazines and binge watching episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress,” it is safe to say that some women spend their entire lives dreaming of the day that they get to plan the wedding of their dreams. And this dream is not complete without the perfect wedding dress.

Picking out the wedding dress is one of the most momentous tasks that get checked off the wedding planning To Do list. With plenty of boutiques, both franchise and locally owned, that are dedicated to housing wedding attire, there is guaranteed to be something for every bride. From lavish gowns to the non-traditional pantsuit, the wedding dress of today is an embodiment of the bride’s unique personality and style.

The wedding dress was born in 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a white gown to her nuptials to Albert of Saxe-Coburg. The royal wedding was a highly publicized event and soon after pictures were seen of the Queen’s fashion choice, women began to mimic her for their own big day. The popularity of the white dress surged and became a staple in weddings of high society.

At the beginning of the popularity of the wedding dress, it was a symbol of affluence. Only women from well to do families could afford to purchase a pure white dress that would only be worn once a lifetime. Fast forward to the present and there is a wedding dress for every budget, as well as a variety of colors that a wedding dress can be aside from the strict traditional white.

The wedding dress now marks a rite of passage to many women. No longer seen as a sign of affluence and purity, the wedding dress marks a joyous occasion where family and loved ones come to celebrate the union of two individuals that are ready to commit to the adventure of a lifetime.

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