7 Unique ways to pop the question

Planning an unforgettable proposal can be intimidating and stressful. We’ve all seen some of the most common ways to propose in movies and on television. The infamous dinner proposal at a fancy restaurant, Christmas proposals under the tree, on the beach during vacation, or at a famous location like the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State.

Maybe you’re looking to impress your significant other with something more creative and outside the box. If you want to create a memory that will last a lifetime, we are sharing 7 unique proposal ideas that will knock their socks off.


A well thought out, home-cooked meal is very romantic and shows how much you care. Plan the menu around some of your significant other’s favorite food. Plan a surprise ending during desert. Place the ring in the desert or pull it from your pocket. Either way, with that ending, the answer is sure to be a YES!


If music is the special way to your loved one’s heart, then writing down your feelings and turning them into lyrics to a song is a great romantic gesture. While you’re singing your heart out, don’t forget to include the phrase “Will You Marry Me?” at the end.


A scavenger hunt is a really fun and creative way to pop the question! You can even include friends or family if you choose. You can leave hand-written clues or send text messages that will leave your special someone hunting from one special location to the next. They will be so desperate to find out what the surprise is. The final clue should lead them to you… where you’ll be waiting to propose.


Are you technically savvy? Choose some of your favorite videos and/or photos of the two of you and string them together. Finish it off at the end with the big question scrolling across the screen. This is sure to create a surprising and special moment.


This done takes some creativity. Write out or print out some cards and take turns asking one another questions about each other or about plans for your future together. There will be a surprise card with those four special words: Will You Marry Me? They will be in awe of the thought you put into that important moment.


You may have heard of this trick before. It is a really fun option. Wrap the box with the ring, then wrap it inside a slightly bigger box. Next, wrap that box inside of an even larger box- and so on and so forth. Go as big as you want. The anticipation of unwrapping from large to small- finally making it to the box with the ring- is sure to be talked about for years to come.


How special would it be to recreate your very first date together? Especially if that date has some special or unique memory attached. This is a very thoughtful way to say “I want to keep dating you forever. Will you marry me?”. It’s sure to be an unforgettable proposal.

When planning your marriage proposal, the number one thing to remember is to keep your significant other in mind. What would speak to their personality? What would surprise them the most? When you’re more focused on that, the perfect proposal will come to you and you’ll surely make it an unforgettable and unique experience for you both.

When she does say “yes” remember to contact Fritzler Films to capture your moments!