What’s the first thing that comes to a bride-to-be’s mind when planning her wedding? The dress, of course! Every bride deserves to feel especially beautiful on her wedding day. Having the perfect dress that compliments her specific body type will help her achieve that. The perfect dress should be flattering to the bride’s unique silhouette and leave her feeling confident and straight out of a fairy tale.

There are 8 main styles of wedding dresses to choose from. There is a certain style to flatter every shape and size. Read on to match your body type to your perfect dress style!

Ball gown — This is the dress most commonly associated with that typical fairy tale wedding. Most princesses in the movies typically are dressed in this style. The ball gown has a tightly fitted bodice cinched at the waist with a very full and dramatic skirt on bottom. This style is perfect for someone with a slimmer frame and narrow hips because this dress adds a curvature silhouette that some women may desire.

Sheath — A sheath dress is a form fitting option that generally flows straight down your natural shape with no flare at the bottom. It’s best for those with an hourglass shape because this silhouette really accentuates your body’s natural proportions.

Mermaid — The mermaid dress can sometimes be described as constrictive due to its tight fit throughout both the body and the hips before flaring out to the floor at the bottom. This style of dress works well on both short and tall slender figures.

Trumpet — The trumpet style dress is similar to the mermaid and is also a good pick for slender frames. However, if curvier women are looking for a form fitting dress to show off their curves, but still want something easier to move in- this is it. The trumpet is not quite as fitted as the mermaid and it flares out from just above the knee.

A-Line — The name of this style really helps describe it well as it starts out narrow at the top and flows down and outward of your frame in the shape of the letter A. The A-Line dress style is one of the most popular because it’s flattering on all body types.

Modified A-Line — This style is the same overall popular shape as the regular A-line style, however is considered a tad more sexier because the bodice and hips are more tightly fitted before flaring into the A shape. It’s also a great choice for all body types.

Tea-Length — A more vintage route to take is a tea-length wedding dress. These dresses can come in all kinds of necklines, styles, and fabrics- but the skirt falls between the knee and ankle. The possibilities are endless as far as styling up or down.

Mini — The mini wedding dress are not so common, but some brides are looking for something the opposite of traditional and this is it! The short hem length is an ideal style for a slim or rectangular body shape.

Searching for the perfect wedding dress is a big deal! It’s best to start by understanding your body type and getting a sense of what types of fabrics and style cuts you will feel the most comfortable wearing on your special day! If you’re still unsure, I would suggest visiting a bridal shop. The employees are very well trained in making you feel extra special and are very knowledgeable in the different body types and be able to take your measurements and help point you in the right direction.

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