How to set a wedding budget

You’re finally engaged to the person of your dreams and you couldn’t be more excited to plan the wedding of a lifetime.  In your mind, the sky is the limit for how far you’ll go for the smile of your beloved and how much you’ll spend on your wedding.  Once you come down from cloud nine, it will be time to get real and get down to business.  How much are you going to spend on your wedding?  Here are three tips on how to set the budget for your wedding.

What Can You Afford?

What is a realistic amount of money that you and your betrothed can afford.  This is a crucial step that takes a realistic point of view. Take a tally of what both of your monthly expenses are combined and factor in how much can be set aside for your wedding.  If you have a savings that you are comfortable going into to pay for the wedding, even better.  Having truthful dialogue about what works best for you as a couple is the first step in the budgeting process.  It’s also a great time to get practice for the many financial decisions you both will be making as a couple.


Once you make the big announcement of your engagement, you may find that your loved ones want to chip in to help make your day memorable.  Find out exactly how much each contributor is willing to spend so that it can be added to the total amount you and your partner have in mind.  Now is the time to decide if you want to splurge on a few extras or lower your out of pocket expenses with the extra funds.

Don’t Overdo It

If you are not happy with your budget that you and your partner can afford on your own, and contributions aren’t enough to suite your vision, you may get desperate and seek out other means; like a credit card or loan. Although this option may work for some couples, it may not work for you. Going into debt for your wedding is a horrible way to start a marriage. The stress that debt causes can cripple the marriage before it has even begun. If you aren’t happy with the budget that has been set, take some time to reevaluate. Choose only one big thing to splurge on for the wedding and cut costs in other areas if that will make you happy. The important this to remember is that you have found love and that is the most important factor to your wedding. Be thankful and focus on what really matters. In the end it is your day and don’t let a thing like money ruin your experience.

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