Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding cake.

When it comes to your big day, all the little details matter. Not only do you want to showcase your unique taste, but you also want to satisfy your guests. When it comes to the bride and groom cakes, size, taste, and cost matters.

Start the search for your baker early. Whether you ask around, hit up Google, or already have someone in mind, make sure they are available to make the cake for your big day, and suit the needs of you and your guests. Where you get married can be a big inspiration in choosing your cake! Rustic barn wedding? Grand hotel? Church? If you’re having an outdoor wedding and it’s spring or summer—count on your icing to become a gooey mess before the cutting… be sure to communicate with your baker any special instructions. Coordinating the time, set-up, and delivery are all important things to consider and discuss up front.

Before you fall too in love with what one specific baker can offer you, be sure to make sure that their costs will fit into your budget. Some are highly specialized in certain designs and flavors—these bakers are likely to charge you more. Keep in mind that wedding cake is often priced by the slice and can range from $1.50, to $15 per slice! There are plenty of ways to save money though. One idea is to splurge for the beautiful cake of your dreams but keep it small—It will mainly be for your display, and will also feed a handful of your guests, but for everyone else, simply order several sheet cakes in the same flavor. No one will even notice!

Expect that not everyone will eat or love your cake! Some people just aren’t cake fans. Some people like chocolate, some like vanilla. Some don’t’ like either! Know and expect that some people might toss their cake in the trash—that’s just part of it.

Consider the season. What about a delectable strawberry shortcake for your summer wedding? Or a delicious pumpkin spice cake in the fall! When choosing your cake, choosing a flavor that complements the season you’re getting hitched is a creative and delicious way to choose your cake!

With toppers, the sky is the limit! Long gone are the days of the traditional bride and groom cake toppers. Be sure to discuss your interests with your baker and come up with a topper that will mean something to both the bride and groom.

Order early! Our last tip is to be sure to order your cake early. Even if you have already discussed your needs with your baker, make sure the order is placed in plenty of time and your needs are fully understood. It’s always good to check in with your baker a few weeks before the big day too, just in case!

Whatever your taste or style—choosing a wedding cake should be fun! Don’t get too stressed about it!

Remember to ask questions, and sample until your taste buds are content!

Get cake advice from a local cake expert.

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