DIY Party Favors For Your Wedding

Your weddings right around the corner and you’re suddenly scratching your head going, “What do I give my guests for party favors?” It’s something we often put off because we either can’t think of something that is just perfect or we think we have plenty of time to figure this out later. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding that often wedding favors fall to the bottom of your list.

Have no fear! We’re here to tell you that party favors can be all do it yourself! They can be sentimental, but at the same time not break the bank. Let’s take a look at some ideas that might just strike the right cord for you and your guests.

Small Painted Canvas

This is a unique idea that is truly special for your guests. Why not paint a small canvas or pen a meaningful poem for your guests. Guests will truly appreciate that you went to all the time and effort of making something special for them to signify your special day.


This seems to be the go to for a lot of weddings. You can even order personalized M&Ms online with your names, date, and even picture. You can also make jars of hot cocoa mix for a for a winter wedding, a box of s’mores for a summer wedding, or give out little bottles of wine or liquor with your names and date on them. You can make something that matches your theme as well. Get creative and do something that will wow your guests. One of our couples had cotton candy, different types of candy &  much more. Check it out here!

Potted Plants

This is something that will remind your guests about your wedding for years to come. Little potted plants can be put together for each person with a little note, your names, and date of wedding. It is something special that your guests can take home and plant in their yard. Along with this idea, you could even give out seedlings that the guests can go home and plant on their own.

Think Local

Are you from somewhere that has a lot of local things to offer? It could be food, beer, or a famous landmark. Why not create something truly special for your out of town guests and get them something they can’t get anywhere else. It could be a certain beer, a jar of honey or jam, or even using some fresh fruit from your area to make something special.


You can get really crafty with this idea! You can use square tiles and the paper of your choice to create customized coasters. You can do maps, pictures, or anything else you want to do and make coasters to give out to your guests as favors. This is something guests are sure to use in their home for years to come!

A Mixtape

Maybe you have favorite songs that you and your husband-to-be love. Or maybe you want everyone to have the music that you played at your reception. Whatever it is, you can burn a mixtape for your guests so they can relive your wedding with the click of a button.

Scratch Tickets

This is a unique idea that everyone would get excited about. How about taking those scratch tickets and wrapping them up in an envelope with a penny for scratching and a sticker with your wedding logo. It’ll give all of your guests a chance to win. This would surely be a hit with your guests!

Donate to a Charity Important to Both of You

This is becoming more and more popular lately. The bride and groom decide to donate to a charity that means a lot to both of you and do that in the guest’s names. Then you just write up a little card telling the guests that this is what you did. Just make sure you do the donation of what you would have spent on favors.

These are just some ideas for DIY favors. There are so many options and you can make it the same as your wedding theme or you can make it strictly personal to you. We love more DIY party ideas! Share your inspiration with us!

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