So it’s that time. You’ve chosen the colors for your wedding, decided who is going to be your attendants, started doing your invitations, and picked out your dream wedding flowers. So what about the cake? Have you thought about the cake yet? It’s so easy to incorporate the colors of your wedding into the cake.

From that delicious buttercream icing dyed the perfect hue of pink for your wedding to adding sugar flowers, stripes, and polka dots in any color you can imagine. Don’t forget about fondant, which can be dyed many colors and included on your cake. You can even include flavors of cake that are filled with different colors to give your wedding guests a surprise.

How else can you incorporate your wedding theme or colors into your wedding? We have some neat suggestions for you so read on!

Incorporate your decorations

Whether they are edible or not, adding your decorations from your wedding reception or ceremony makes your cake look very cohesive and part of the celebration. If you have an amazing cake designer, you can even give them some of your decorations and ask them to put edible versions on your cake. This is sure to wow your guests. Some things you can think about including are flowers, leaves, and candles (although be careful if you’re adding real candles to your cake!)

Make it personal

A wedding is very personal, your cake should be like that too. You’ve probably chosen a theme because it was something that meant something to you, so your cake should be too. If you’re having a Japanese wedding, you can include Japanese flowers or fans on your cake. If you’re having a love birds wedding, how about drawing some love birds on your cake? Even if you don’t have a theme, but only colors – you can still make it personal. How about having pictures of you two drawn on the cake in hearts? The sky is the limit if you can find the right person to make your cake. Make it mean something to you and your guests will love it too!

Be creative

It’s your wedding so you can do what you want to with your cake. Create an optical illusion on your cake, make it a different shape, use your wedding colors in a unique way, and a special design, add ribbons and flowers – it’s your cake! Help it stand out by doing something that is different. Pinterest is a great place to come up with some ideas for unique wedding cakes.

Add a theme topper

This is a great way to tie your cake back to your overall theme and colors of your big day. There are so many wedding cake toppers that you can find pretty much anywhere you go either online or in stores. If you choose a Two Hearts theme, you can have two hearts joining as one. If you choose a Disney themed wedding, you can put a topper on your cake of Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Maybe the two of you met in a special place and you want to incorporate that into your cake or have something in common – I’m sure there is a cake topper out there for that. You can make it as personal as you want or you can make it classic with a simple initial of your last name. The sky is the limit.

With all of this in mind, make sure you come up with an idea before you seek out professional wedding cake designers. Go to wedding shows, Google them on the Internet, ask friends and family for recommendations – this is your big day. You don’t want it ruined because you don’t get exactly what you want. Draw it out beforehand to give to them. Talk to them. Make sure they know what you want. Tell them your theme. Give them swatches of your colors so they can incorporate those. You’re paying for it, so spend as much time as you need to in order to feel comfortable with the design they will come up with. Also, check out our blog with wedding cake experts secrets!

When you see that wedding cake sitting there at your reception fitting in perfectly with your colors and your theme, it will all have been worth it. We can’t wait to film your wedding cakes!

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