Your wedding day should be a gathering of those most important to you…

A day to remember, that you will look back on for years to come with fond memories and a smile on your face.

So why wouldn’t you incorporate your favorite furry, (or scaly) friend in the big day? From dogs and cats, to horses, sheep, pigs, and even snakes—make your pet a part of the special day with these great ideas!

1. Perhaps one of the most popular ways of including your pet in the big day, is by replacing the flower girl or ring bearer with your furry friend! If your pet is a little shy, no worries! He or she will be a hit either way!

2. Dress your loyal companion to the 9’s with a cute tux, or paw-fect dress and let Fido stand in with your bridesmaids and/or groomsmen!

3. Include your pet in the after-wedding festivities by just allowing him to be present! He deserves to be a part of the celebration!

4. Let your pet walk or ride you to the aisle… or even all the way down to your groom if you would like.

5.  Most definitely, for sure, include your pet in the photographs—whether you’re doing engagement pictures, or wedding pictures—they wouldn’t be complete without your loyal companion!

6.  The ushers could always use a little extra help… Let your pet be a greet the guests and help walk people to their seats.

7. Speak now, or forever hold your peace…let your pet sit in the audience to witness the big moment!

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