Emergency Kit

It’s the big day! Everything is going perfectly. Your hair and makeup appointment were done on time. You get to the location of where you are getting ready. The girls and you had a light lunch. Then, It was time to get your dress on.  Your maid of honor helps you into your dress. You look down and your lipstick smudge onto your dress! It might seem like a nightmare, but things like this happen so its best to be prepared. We at Storyteller Productions put together a list to help you save those unwanted events 


  1. Sewing Kit 
  2. Tide to Go Pen-To help get the accidental food stain or makeup stain out of your dress (or tux). 
  3. Bobby Pins– Even though they put a bunch in your hair. You may have that one hair that won’t stay. 
  4. Protein Bars 
  5. Mouth Wash-After eating a quick lunch/snack you want to make sure you breathe is fresh for that special kiss. 
  6. Tylenol-For those headaches or pain from walking in those heels all day! 
  7. Extra Earring Backings- These are easily lost. Great to have extras just in case. 
  8. Feminine Products 
  9. Tums 
  10. Hair Spray– Spray away all those strays 
  11. Lint Roller-Helpful for the groom and groomsmen tuxes 
  12. Steamer– Sometimes with the dresses (or tux) hanging up it will need an extra steam to get wrinkles out. 
  13. Scissors-Any where from decorations to cutting tags off the dress. Scissors are a must for the big day! 
  14. Deodorant-In case someone forgot or just want a touch up! 
  15. Panty Hose-In case someone forgot them or if one decides to tear! 
  16. Water 
  17. Kleenex– For all those happy tears! 
  18. Mirror-Your get ready location may not have one handy! 
  19. Nail Clipper-For the nails that decide to break. 
  20. First Aid Kit-All hope nothing happens, but accidents can happen. 
  21. Krazy Glue-To fix shoes, jewelry, decoration or etc. 
  22. Straws-So you can stay hydrated without messing up those lips. 
  23. Makeup-For touchups before the pictures. 
  24. Nail polish– In case your nails chip. 
  25. Makeup remover-Just in case your makeup decides to smudge. 
  26. Oil- Blotting pads– To keep your makeup looking fresh 
  27. Blister Treatment- Getting blisters suck. Blister Treatment doesn’t.  
  28. Fashion Tape- You never know what may need to get taped up.  
  29. Deodorant Nobody likes a stinky bride! 
  30. Hand Sanitizer 


Hopefully, this list of 30 things to keep by your side on your wedding day helps your big day go as planned. Keeping all these items in a tote, in a close place of course, may save your wedding.   


As always, we’re here to provide you with fun wedding related tips and tricks…. see you soon!