Wedding Trends 2018

If you’re planning a wedding in 2018, you might want to put it on pause until you read more about this year’s trends. Couples are shaking things up by bringing more of their own personalities and unique tastes to their wedding day. Make it personal is the new theme! Weddings are steeped in customs that go back for generations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break with at least some of those traditions. Here are just a few of the exciting wedding trends for 2018.

Color Everywhere

Blush and crème are both beautiful colors, but this is the year to move away from what can be blasé and into the bold use of color. Color is popping up everywhere from bridal dresses to the ceremony and reception décor to the groom’s ensemble. We’re not talking about a shy splash of red or purple. Color is dominant with bride’s choosing bright colors and patterns for shawls and boleros. Some brides are even wearing dresses in colors other than the expected white, crème, or blush. Grooms are getting a makeover too! Tuxedos in textures such as corduroy and velvet are making headlines. Patterns like houndstooth for jackets or bold floral ties are popular. As for color, bright blue is trending and so is burgundy. Not just for accents but for the entire tuxedo!


Roses will always be a favorite wedding flower, but this year, dahlias are working their way into the hearts of brides. They come in a variety of colors, making them an excellent choice for those who want to incorporate their unique personality into the wedding flowers. If you’re set on roses, consider spray roses, which also come in a wide range of colors and work well with any wedding style.

The Dress of the Year

Wedding dress trends for 2018 include romantic lace paired with bell sleeves. Its kind of like the 70s meets romance and a new medieval look is born. The difference is heavy brocades and rich fabrics have been replaced with lace. Dresses are reminiscent of the simple yet ethereal wedding styles of the 1970s. Stunning!

Go with Geometrics

You’ve seen the traditional flower covered archway at weddings. It’s a staple. Why not make your own unique statement and create non-traditional backdrops? Get creative with your accents. Instead of the garden arch, let your ceremony backdrop be a circle made of grapevine, covered in wildflowers. Consider a triangle or square backdrop accented with candles, lights, or one large spray of flowers.

And Some We Wish Would Go Away

Wedding experts have a few trends regarding trends they’d like to see sent to the archives. Chalkboards made the list! And barns. Anything rustic unless you live on a farm, were raised on a farm, or fell in love out in the country. Huge bridal parties made the list in a big way. Experts suggest having one or two close friends as attendants but arranging a photo op for your entire group of friends, so you don’t leave anyone out. Finally, blush and rose gold for wedding attire should be exchanged for more dimension and vibrant colors.

The final word on wedding trends is just that – they’re trends. If your heart is set on walking down the aisle in a bouffant dress with miles of frothy train, go for it! If you’ve dreamed all your life of a rustic barn wedding, it’s your day, please yourself. But do consider adding a little bold color to your theme, or exchange some of the traditional wedding décor for things that bring your unique personality and touch to your day. Happy nuptials!