How To Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

There are so many ways that Pinterest can be used to plan your wedding that frankly, it can be bit daunting when first searching the thousands of pins available on the matter. Vendor information, wedding dresses, do it yourself (DIY) ideas and wedding blogs is only the surface of what Pinterest has to offer in regards to wedding planning.

One of the ways that Pinterest is a helpful tool for wedding planning is the ability to hide your pin board. You can make your board private and therefore keep it from prying eyes as you sort out your ideas, likes and dislikes. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, you can invite only certain people to view your board and grant them access that will allow them to add their own ideas (pins) to your board. Boards on Pinterest can be organized and categorized in any way the user pleases; you can utilize just one board for all things wedding, or separate boards under the category “Wedding.” For example, you can have one board dedicated to shoes, one for wedding attire, and another one for flower arrangements. The options on how to personalize your Pinterest are limitless and help your keep your ideas neatly organized. 


When planning your wedding using Pinterest, it is ideal to have a general idea on what you want your wedding to be. Have a vision in your head as you start to search ideas. Pinterest has thousands upon thousands of pinned posts readily available and it is easy to get sidetracked! Pinpoint the style of your wedding; Bohemian? Modern? Themed? Destination? Once you have this decided, you can narrow your searches across all boards, be it wedding dresses, flower arrangements or cake ideas. 

Pinterest is a hub of ideas that have been bought into fruition by others in your same situation. So as you are perusing the pins and planning the wedding of your dreams, you are viewing and/or reading the ideas of people who have been in your exact shoes. One of the best parts of Pinterest is that you can take the bits of ideas that you like, discard what you don’t like, and create your own new, unique vision for your wedding. 

One important wedding aspect that you can find on Pinterest is the perfect photographer/videographer. You can search for local photographers in your area, or search wedding photography that fits into your vision. As long as it fits into your budget, many photographers and videographers are willing to travel. 

The ideas available on Pinterest are limitless. Using Pinterest to plan a wedding will provide anyone, from the inexperienced planner to the most savvy of party throwers, with an arsenal of ideas that can bring any dream wedding, regardless of budget, into fruition. Use Pinterest to make your wedding as uniquely bold or as quaint as you wish. 

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