Your wedding day is an exciting and wonderful time filled with family, friends, and the start of a new life together. Once the vows are said, the cake is eaten, and the bouquet is thrown, many couples are eager to get away for some romantic one-on-one time.

However, many couples opt to wait a few weeks, or even months to honeymoon.

As you plan your wedding, you might start to wonder which option is best for you…now or later?

Here are few things to consider…

you have a honeymoon fund stashed away, money might not be a worry….

But if you’ve put your own hard-earned cash into creating your dream day— honeymooning immediately after the wedding could put the two of you under financial stress.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a month or more to save and recover from the expenses of the wedding. Starting off financially responsible is always a smart move for newlyweds.

I’m so in love with you…Honeymooning right after the wedding prolongs the excitement and infatuation with each other. Why wait months to honeymoon? Couples are typically head over heels when they say their vows. The time together on the honeymoon is electric!

On the other hand, a getaway a few months into the marriage is a great way to rekindle the spark that you felt the day you said, “I do.”

What about the weather? Depending on what time of the year you get married, the weather and season can play a major role in the success of your honeymoon. During peak vacation season (June-August) airfare, lodging, and activities are more expensive. If saving money is a priority for you, honeymooning during the months of November-March will cut back on your travel costs, possibly allowing you to enjoy more activities and sight-seeing together!  Also, if you plan to visit the tropics, during the summer months, hurricane season is something that you want to think about.

On the contrary though, spring and summer are a prime time for travel for a reason… it all just depends on what you and your partner plan to do, and what type of climate you prefer.

We decided to honeymoon later, and now it’s been over a year, and we still haven’t gone. This happens. You have all intentions of heading out for your getaway within 3 months, but then—life.  We suggest setting a specific date and talking about it often to ensure that it does happen, and within the time frame agreed upon.

We headed out right after the wedding, and I was so stressed I couldn’t enjoy it… Planning a wedding, although exciting and fun, is also stressful. If you’re a worrier, or you are already super stressed, putting the honeymoon off is likely a good option for you. When you take off right after the ceremony, you must remember everything to pack, plan, and do right along with all the wedding priorities. By putting the honeymoon off for a few weeks or months, you have time to take care of preserving your dress, opening gifts, sending out Thank You cards, and getting your home, and new lives together settled.

I can’t wait to get away! Some couples look forward to having a breather! They need the time away to decompress and take a break before getting back to real life. If you aren’t a worrier and have everything in place to jet off with your honey, go for it! A nice time away right after the wedding is the best option for couples who want to have some time to just relax before going back to work, and the day-to-day grind.

These are just a few pointers that we think might be beneficial to consider when deciding whether to honeymoon now or later. There are both pros and cons to either option! Take some time with your partner and discuss what is best for the two of you.

And whether you go now, or later—Happy Honeymooning!

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