Tips & Tricks for Giving a Great Wedding Speech

After the wedding, friends and family typically gather together for a reception to celebrate with the new bride and groom. There is cake to be eaten, bubbly to drink, and fun to be had. There is also the part where the wedding party, parents, close friends, other guests give a short speech and then initiate a toast in honor of the new couple.

While some people are happy being the center of attention or are natural born speakers, others might be a little nervous, and not quite know how to say what they would like.

Today we offer you some simple tips and tricks on how to give a great wedding speech!

Prepare your speech ahead of time. By having an idea of what you want to say, you will be more relaxed and ensure that you don’t say something you regret. It’s a good idea to keep some cue cards or notes on your phone to help you in case you get stuck.

Hold the microphone close to your mouth. If you aren’t used to speaking into a mic, it can be awkward. But by holding close enough that it’s nearly touching your lips, you will ensure that you don’t seem awkward, and the audience can hear what you’re saying.

Introduce yourself. Break the ice by telling everyone how you know the bride and groom.

Keep it short and simple.  Keep your speech aimed at the newlyweds. Try not to get nervous and talk too fast, but plan to give your speech in under 5 minutes.

Acknowledge the person who spoke before you. This is proper etiquette, and another great way to break the ice, and lead into your own speech.

Don’t hog the attention. This isn’t the time to reminisce about your college days with the groom, or your party days with the bride. Your speech should be respectful and paint the bride and groom in a good light.

Don’t get drunk before it’s your turn to speak. You might think that having a few drinks will help to calm your nerves, but this could turn out to be disastrous! Save yourself the embarrassment…give your speech first, then have a drink.

Respect the audience. Consider who is there. Perhaps the bride and groom are super laid back, but grandparents and other people who are present, are not. Don’t tell bad jokes or say anything that might offend someone. After all, if you’re making someone in the audience uncomfortable, you’re making the bride and groom uncomfortable.

Don’t speak if you weren’t asked to. This is not proper and should be avoided!

If you are the bride or groom and are speaking, don’t be nervous. Say what you want to your audience, and your partner. This day is all about the two of you.

Close with class. End your speech with any due thank yous, then raise your glass and take a sip—Cheers to many happy years for the bride and groom!


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